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For more than 165 years, Bingham & Taylor has specialized in the design and development of high quality products for the water and gas industries.

We manufacture products from both cast iron and thermoplastic. For our plastic products, we use an ABS plastic that provides a unique combination of impact strength, mechanical toughness, long-term dimensional stability, and chemical resistance.

Our standard product line is highly diverse: We offer a broad line of cast iron and plastic curb and valve boxes from 2 1/2" through 12" diameters, and Bingham and Taylor is the only valve box manufacturer to offer this variety in both screw and slip style. We have also made the investment to engineer bottom bell styles that precisely fit your specific valve type. Accompanying each product is a full line of accessory items. For our curb and valve boxes, for example, this includes repair lids, extensions, paving risers, valve supports, specialty lids, and much more.

Bingham & Taylor also has extensive in-house capabilities to design customized products, including curb boxes, valve boxes, meter frames, covers, markers and CP test boxes. Our engineering team uses computer aided drafting software to generate 2D drawings and 3D Models. We are often able to generate "fast-track" prototypes in as little as 2 - 4 weeks.

The Bingham & Taylor team is staffed with professionals who are well-respected in the water and gas industries, ensuring that customers always receive qualified technical advice and recommendations, and the highest quality standard and custom products.





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