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CIP Combination Boxes

Bingham & Taylor is the only manufacturer who offers combination cast iron and plastic curb and valve boxes. The distinct advantage of this unique combination box is that it provides the strength and durability of a cast iron top section and lid at the surface with a rugged, light-weight utility grade ABS plastic bottom section. These boxes are available in screw and slide adjustment styles. This offers the most practical alternative to an all cast iron curb or valve box.

Combination boxes are available in 2-1/2", 3", 5-1/4" and 7".

The lid and top section for every CIP combination box is made to ASTM A-48 Class 30 or 35 requirements. These castings meet H20 load rating for heavy highway usage. They provide durability for long-term exposure to traffic, lawnmowers and other sources of impact. Lids are available in "WATER", "GAS", and "SEWER". Specialty markings on lids are available upon request.

The ABS plastic bottom sections offer a high strength, impact-resistant alternative to the much heavier cast iron bottom section. The plastic bottom sections are more economical and light weight. They are far easier and more ergonomic for crews to handle. This feature makes them extremely popular with utilities who want to minimize the risk of back and shoulder injuries to their employees. Bottom sections are available in black and high-visibility white ABS plastic.

We offer a full line of accessories for use with our CIP combination boxes. These accessories include Repair Lids, Locking Lids, Specialty Lids, Extensions, Paving Risers, Valve Supports, Debris Traps and Valve Box Stabilizers.

View the following products in our Plastic and Combination Product Catalog #13:

CIP Combination Boxes

Or, download the entire Plastic and Combination Product Catalog #13

In addition to CIP Combination Boxes, we manufacture the MARK V heavy traffic valve box - a new cast iron replacement to conventional concrete boxes with a lower TCO.




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